Moving Your Welding Career Forward

Welding is a profession into which a lot of people fall into by accident. Obviously there are many welders out there who decided, probably early in their working life, that they wanted to be a welder or involved in the welding industry. However, there are probably more who got into welding by accident or through…

Moving Your Welding Career Forward was originally published on American Industrial Supplies


Arc Machines New M217 Orbital Welder

Arc Machines (AMI). pioneers in the field of orbital welding have just released their newest orbital welding system, the M217. This welder follows on from their previous models, the M107 and M207 with the later and the M205 being┬ádeprecated. This new workhorse is offered as a compact unit creating ease of portability for on-site applications…

Arc Machines New M217 Orbital Welder was originally published on American Industrial Supplies